Kiril Gligorov

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President Kiril Georgijovich Gligorov

Position: President of Makedonjia
Assumed Office: Feb.16 2007
Predecessor: Alexandr Kukashenko (As President of Belarussian Wulgaria)
Successor: None,office abolished March 2007
Date of Birth May 1, 1917
Place of Birth: Saint Benjaminovburg, The People's Republic of Wulgaria
Qualifications: PoMS, PoSS
Headquarters: The Makedonjian Presidential Administration, Skopije
Awards: Gold Star Hero of the Wulgerian union(Two times),Labour Hero of the WU(Four times),various military ands civil awards
International Positions: Member of the Wulgerian Union Supreme Council, Member of the Democratic People's Federation
Political Party: The Makedonjian Democratic Freedom Party
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